Assessment on : understanding the needs of women working at markets in Musanze.

At a Glance

Publication Date January 2020
Format pdf
Country Rwanda
Thematic Area Green Cities

Given the rapid urbanization in Rwanda and fast-tracked economic development of Kigali and secondary cities and other emerging urban centers, the link between rural and urban areas is becoming increasingly important for Rwanda’s sustainable development. Recognizing the importance of integrated development of urban, peri-urban and rural areas, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Global Green Growth Insti- tute are partnering to deliver several projects and programmes on urban-rural linkages. This will support Rwanda’s districts in harnessing the combined potential of both urban and rural settings that their synergy generates, in order for everyone to benefit from the circular flow along the urban-rural continuum.

To further strengthen the work on urban-rural linkages, where markets are crucial points of peoples and goods flow, Global Green Growth Institute with Rwanda Women’s Network, supported by the Ministry of Infrastructure, and conducted a rapid assessment on understanding the needs of women working at markets in Musanze. Recommendations that come out of the assessment would guide the district and private sector stakeholders on infrastructure and other needs for women, when planning, designing, implementing and managing markets.

The Musanze’s District Development Strategy leading up to 2024, listed as priority projects design and construction of modern markets and other selling points along main roads of the District to facilitate trade.