Rwanda: National Roadmap for Green Secondary City Development

At a Glance

Publication Date December 2015
Format pdf
Country Rwanda
Thematic Area Green Cities

The National Roadmap for Green Secondary City Development (NR) serves as a practical guide to the Government of Rwanda for planning the six secondary cities that have been identified in EDPRS 2, the Second Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy. In addition, the NR is an operational tool for the National Strategy for Climate Change and Low Carbon Development, where it paves the way for the development of a climate resilient country by addressing climate change and low carbon emission until the year 2050.

The NR was developed by a team of experts from the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), specializing in sustainable urban development, in close collaborations with professionals in the Ministry of Infrastructure (MININFRA) of the Republic of Rwanda. The development of the NR responds to the context of current national priorities and actions put forth in Government of Rwanda policies and strategies. The document further draws from local government perspectives from workshop consultations, and is reflective of ongoing work with and expertise from development partners also engaging with the development of the secondary cities: The World Bank and UN-Habitat. Work on the document was supervised by a steering committee consisting of key representatives of ministries and agencies concerned with the development of secondary cities.