Project Reference Profiles – (TL15) Support for the Research Plan -G20 Background Paper “Green Growth to Achieve the Paris Agreement”

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes
Start Date Q1  Jan 1 2019
End Date q1 May 31 2019
Funding Source Earmarked
Actual Budget (USD) 10,000
Budget Percentage 77%
Actual Expenditure (USD) 7,707
Status Complete
GGGI Share (USD) 0
Poverty and Gender Policy Markers
Name of Client (Lead/Prime implementer if GGGI is part of a consortium) Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA-Japan)
Participating Organization (Funding/donor) MOFA Japan through Embassy of Japan to ROK
Name of consortium members, if any
Thematic Area
  • Cross Cutting

Project context, objectives and description

GGGI will describe and analyze these experiences in GGGI member countries in the G20 background paper, which will give rise to actionable recommendations for the G20 countries related to green growth as an effective approach to maintain sustainable economic growth while achieving the Paris Agreement. This project is aligned with IO3. Improved multi-directional knowledge sharing and learning to empower local and external agents necessary to drive green growth processes in partner governments. 

GGGI was commissioned a work by MoFA Japan for background paper and participation in a consultative workshop to feed into the 2019 G20 Osaka, Japan. The work was to articulate the importance and value of green growth as a critical approach for transforming developing countries aims on poverty reduction and prosperity while simultaneously achieving other UN Sustainable Development Goals and the climate pledges set out in the Paris Agreement. The report and advisory should bring about practical examples and best practices. 

Type of services provided, and results achieved

Impact: Green growth support enhanced in developing member countries through advocacy in high-level forums  

Outcome: High-level advocacy through report and consultations feeding into G20 Osaka summit  

Project Outputs completed in 2019:  Background paper on green growth in developing countries for G20 Osaka and inputs to the G20 Climate Sustainability Working Group meeting 

i. Green Growth Policies:N/A

 ii. Green Investments:N/A

iii. Capacity Building and Knowledge Products:   

  • Total of 1 capacity development in the form of policy-dialogue “Effective Implementation of NDCs and Design of Long-Term Strategies” where GGGI introduced key concepts and insights from the background paper ‘G20 Background Paper: Green Growth to Achieve the Paris Agreement’. This included summary insights on planning for green growth, renewable energy transformation, electric mobility, green buildings and infrastructure, green employment, and financing green growth, by bringing practical examples from GGGI member and other developing countries and current major best practices to pursue economic growth with climate ambition. 
  • Total of 1 knowledge product produced, G20 Background paper on Green Growth to Achieve the Paris Agreement 

Number of staff provided

Project Manager:  Orestes Anastasia 

Pranab Jyoti Baruah 


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