NP15 Green Hydrogen Value Chain and Green Ammonia Plant in Nepal

At a Glance

Strategic Outcomes SO1 Reduced GHG emission, SO2 Creation of green jobs
Start Date Q1  February 15, 2022
End Date q4 December 31, 2023
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Actual Budget (USD) 0
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Status Active
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Poverty and Gender Policy Markers
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Participating Organization (Funding/donor) Korea Green New Deal Fund (KGNDF)
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Thematic Area
  • Green Industries
GGGI Project Code : NP15
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Project Overview

Nepal is endowed with a large untapped hydropower capacity which the government of Nepal (GoN) is currently considering using to replace the existing carbon-intensive utilities. Regarding this, green hydrogen is today emerging as a major strategic opportunity for capitalization of Nepal’s abundant hydropower resources to replace the consumption of carbon-intensive energy products and at the same time contribute to the achievement of its national and international green and climate commitments. The GoN includes green hydrogen as a key component in its long-term green development strategy. Technical reports and high-level studies exist but no overall strategic framework and roadmap to guide Nepal in entering this new national priority area have yet been formulated. In line with the government’s priority and need, GGGI Nepal designed this project to explore opportunities and challenges in green hydrogen technologies, policies, and potential applications in Nepal, in the short/medium term.  

Project Output

The project has the following Outputs. 

  • Output 1: Preparation of a government-owned, national roadmap for the development of a green hydrogen value chain 
  • Output 2: An assessment of options for the application of green hydrogen production based on surplus hydro-based electricity 
  • Output 3: Preparation of a green ammonia investment project that will demonstrate the viability and feasibility of green hydrogen-based interventions to the government, the public, and international funders and investors 
  • Output 4: Investment mobilization for the green ammonia demonstration project  
  • Output 5: A knowledge-sharing platform with the participation of national public and private stakeholders, international donors and investors, and interested GGGI developing country members 

Project Highlights

Project Brochure – Downloadable in English