Press Release

UK to provide funding to the Global Green Growth Institute

IMG_7373 (1)Today the UK announced it would provide £14.8mn over three years from the International Climate Fund to the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI). The announcement was made at GGGI’s Assembly and Council meeting held in Songdo, South Korea on 18 November. The UK has been a GGGI partner country since 2011 and a founding member since GGGI became an international organisation in October 2012.

The UK has long been clear that environmental sustainability and economic growth can not only go hand in hand, but are mutually reinforcing. Low carbon development will help the poorest countries to boost their economies and tackle poverty, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions and the impact of climate change.

British Ambassador Scott Wightman said:

We cannot tackle climate change without reducing poverty and vice versa. Developing countries need better information on how to achieve environmental objectives without compromising growth and poverty reduction. GGGI operates where there is strong demand for its independent advice and supports governments to make their own decisions about growth paths while building the evidence base on green growth. This new UK funding will enable GGGI to further expand its programmes to support this important work, notably in the poorest countries of Africa.

GGGI has shown it can convert analysis and research into real policy change. For example, in Ethiopia GGGI has helped the government develop and implement a Climate Resilient Green Economy (CRGE) Strategy. It also helped to develop a facility to finance the implementation of CRGE priorities, which has already received $26m of funding from UK and Austria.

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