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Indonesia to Boost Green Investment through Collaborative Green Growth Program

Peluncuran-Green-Growth-Program-310816-pras-2JAKARTA – August 31, 2016 – Continuing on their commitment to socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable development through green growth, the Government of Indonesia (GoI) and the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) today launched Phase II of the Government of Indonesia-GGGI Green Growth Program (GGP) in Jakarta.

The four-year Program aims to build on the success of Phase I which mainstreamed green growth into Indonesia’s development planning framework through the adoption of a National Green Growth Roadmap and by introducing demand driven investment assessment tools as well as building stakeholder capacities in the critical forest, land-use and energy sectors.

Striving to realize the shared vision of a resilient Indonesia with strong, inclusive, and sustainable growth, Phase II of the Program will focus GoI and GGGI efforts on fostering green investment and related enabling conditions prioritizing energy, special economic zones, forest and land based mitigation.

“Over the next three years green investment is set as a priority in various business sectors, including clean energy, climate resilient infrastructure, sustainable forestry and fisheries, ecotourism, and smart cities,” Bambang Brodjonegoro, Minister for the National Development Planning/Head of National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas). He added that Phase II will contribute to achieving these targets and supports to position Indonesia as a green growth leader in the ASEAN.

Phase II will use a more investment-oriented approach to ensure that key results are achieved through full participation of responsible government agencies and private industries within various sectors at both national and sub-national levels.

“Today’s launch is a testament to the green growth results that have been achieved in Indonesia, and is a strong reaffirmation of stakeholders commitment to secure an inclusive and sustainable future for all in Indonesia,” said Yvo de Boer, Director-General of GGGI.

Phase II will have an investment of US$18.5 million in the form of technical expertise for the government and other stakeholders in Indonesia, fully funded by the government of Norway.

“Many predict that there will be a major shift in global economy by 2030. With this cooperation, we hope to initiate, build and strengthen all components of the country; the government, communities, civil society and the private sector, to support Indonesia’s leading role in making the green transition in the global economy by 2030,” said Stig Traavik, Norwegian Ambassador to Indonesia.

Serving as a trusted advisor, GGGI will continue to support government at all levels to develop and implement cross-sectoral green growth plans, assist relevant government authorities to take a systematic enabling approach to encourage green investment.

Indonesia is a founding member of GGGI which now has 26 member countries. Since 2013, GGGI has been serving as a trusted advisor to the Government of Indonesia, through the collaborative Green Growth Program.

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