Press Release

GGGI Co-Sponsors World Climate Summit 2013

WARSAW –November 17, 2013 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is co-sponsoring the World Climate Summit taking place alongside the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 19) in Warsaw, Poland.  The Summit is a two-day event, November 17 and 18, and brings together high-level government officials, private sector actors, and other global leaders.  This year’s Summit places particular emphasis on promoting active collaborations between the private and public sectors.

Howard Bamsey, Director-General of the Global Green Growth Institute, will moderate a session, National and Sub-National Collaboration on Climate Change, which will address methods of effectively coordinating local, national, and international actions and policies on climate change.

“The World Climate Summit has rapidly become a valuable forum for public and private sector actors to come up with practical solutions to respond to climate change. This is important in itself and will also assist the negotiating process,” said Mr. Bamsey.

This year’s summit is focused on private sector solutions to the climate challenge. In recognition of the essential role the private sector must play in achieving green growth, GGGI is strengthening the organization’s Public-Private Cooperation program.

“Green growth requires the private sector to be a key driving force if scale is to be achieved. It is therefore essential that GGGI address the key obstacles preventing the private sector from investing in green growth-related technologies and incentives that would actually make such investments more attractive, said Nikolaus Schultze, Assistant Director-General of GGGI.

“As such, we as an organization are intensifying our focus on the private sector by increasing the number of experts in the organization and doubling the budget for Public-Private Cooperation next year.”