How We Work

GGGI supports its member governments to achieve the commitments expressed under the Paris Climate Agreement, and their Sustainable Development Goal targets.

Our delivery model combines rigorous technical assistance to governments through embedded country teams, and helps to mobilize finance into climate resilient projects.

Together with the commitment of our members, GGGI is leading the implementation of a new development paradigm, focused on a model of economic growth that is both environmentally sustainable and socially inclusive: Green Growth.

GGGI is a New Type of International Organization

Our services are demand driven, respond to in-country needs and take into account varying national circumstances.

Our in-country teams are long-term embedded within partner government departments.

GGGI works with in-country governments across Ministries and Departments as a trusted and neutral advisor to explore the value of green growth opportunities in the context of the country’s own growth and development goals.

We are committed to supporting partner countries in achieving maximum benefits from a green growth pathway and have designed our delivery model accordingly.

It is essential that national governments, in close cooperation with the private sector and civil society implement actions in support of a new global model of green economic growth. Green Growth.

GGGI’s delivery model is focused heavily toward in-country delivery while ensuring the existence of a firm feedback loop between in-country experience and analysis and global products and services.

As an organization that strives to be transformational, aiming for catalytic outcomes, we develop country capacities, not substitute them.

Our program interventions are therefore tailored entirely to the specific circumstances, demand and capacity of each country.


Our Delivery Model

The GGGI Value Chain sets out a green growth planning and implementation approach from initial Diagnosis, Green Impact Assessment through Sector / Sub-Sector Strategy and Planning, and Project Design and Financing. Each component of our value chain is followed by a systematic appraisal process that captures learning, sharing, and application of experience and knowledge from programs, and ensures the robustness of GGGI advice and assistance.

Our green growth planning work includes: providing sectoral and socio-economic impact assessments to experience, developing and applying practical tools and case studies; developing green growth plans at national or sectoral level; assessing and designing legal and institutional frameworks; providing financial and investment analysis that looks at both investment requirements and potential sources; and developing sectoral and sub-sectoral investment plans and frameworks.

GGGI works to create sustainable and long lasting domestic technical and institutional capacity through tailored capacity development programs and working alongside government counterparts on a daily basis.

Our aim is to develop sustainable individual and institutional capacities, and strengthen the long term enabling environment for green growth. We define clear exit points from projects and host institutions, following the logic of the our value chain. At the outset of a project, we agree with counterparts on the timing and conditions for a hand-over of responsibilities for implementation and upscaling.

Strategic Plan

In October 2017, the GGGI Council approved the GGGI Refreshed Strategic Plan 2015-2020. The Strategic Plan sets the strategic framework for the organization to support partner countries transition toward a green growth model and serves as a statement of intent to GGGI stakeholders. At the halfway mark of our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan, the Institute has reflected on progress against the Plan to date and has ‘refreshed’ aspects of the plan to enhance GGGI’s strategic position, without changing the major premises on which the strategy was built.

Notable revisions include: a new set of Strategic Outcomes of direct relevance to the national development goals of Member country governments, definition of GGGI core values fundamental to driving results against our mission, and increased ambition on Intermediate Outcome targets for policy adoption, finance mobilized and knowledge products.