Greening GGGI and Beyond: Education Outreach Program for Students

On December 7, 2018, GGGI invited Rotary International Youth exchange students to its Headquarters in Seoul, Republic of Korea, to participate in an education outreach program, designed to provide an interactive out-of-school learning experience that promotes awareness on global environmental problems and encourages conversation and actions to combat these issues.  

Participants had a chance to meet and greet GGGI President & Chair Mr. Ban Ki-moon, engaged in dynamic discussions on sustainability facilitated by GGGI staff volunteers, and made personal pledges to reduce negative impact on the environment by making conscious decisions in their daily lives at home and in schools.

This outreach program was organized as part of GGGI’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative, with the aim to engage and raise awareness in its communities, to inspire the next generation of leaders, academic, and innovators, and to cultivate meaningful and lasting networks of individuals in the field of green growth.

Event was a big success and GGGI hopes to continue its effort in the future to build and strengthen relationships with its communities through various outreach programs and other joint projects.