Green Entrepreneurship Forum for Young Entrepreneurs in Lao PDR

On August 17, 2022, in Vientiane Capital, Lao PDR, the Global Green Growth Institute Lao PDR (GGGI) in collaboration with the Young Entrepreneur Association of Lao PDR (YEAL) had organized the Green Entrepreneurship Forum for Young Entrepreneurs in Lao PDR. The event was attended by more than 60 participants (37 female) from a variety of organizations including YEAL, business entities, and education institutes.

The Green Entrepreneurship Forum was organized aiming at promoting green innovation and climate technologies as well as building business management skills for young entrepreneurs and start-ups in Laos to further develop their business and become more competitive in the market. This green entrepreneurship forum also enhanced entrepreneurs’ networking with both national and international as well as enhancing potential investment mobilization and knowledge transfer in the areas of green technology.

The event was chaired by Mr. Rowan Fraser, the Country Representative of Global Green Growth Institute Lao PDR and Mr. Viboon Sithimolada, Executive Vice President of the Young Entrepreneurship in Lao PDR. “Green entrepreneurs play a significant role in greening Lao PDR’s overall development. This contributes to achieving national greenhouse gas emission reduction targets and supporting sustainable development and green growth.” said Mr. Rowan Fraser. He also added “Today’s Green Entrepreneurship Forum is the very first event that GGGI and YEAL co-organize aimed at raising awareness on green innovation for young entrepreneurs and start-ups in Laos, at the same time enhancing the skills on business management. Sound business management is absolutely critical during these difficult economic times of high inflation, market volatility and sluggish growth.” While Mr. Viboon Sithimolada said “One of the YEAL’s Missions under the lead of the Lao People Revolutionary Union is to gather and support young entrepreneurs in the Lao country. In relation to this, we have worked with our partners internally and externally of Lao PDR to better develop our association and turn into an Innovation Hub for young generation in Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.”

In the morning session, the participants were introduced, learned about green business in the way of green growth presented by GGGI and YEAL. The event was also attended virtually by the regional experts, Mr. Jeongtae Kim, CEO of MYSC from Korea, Mr. Kong Somphyvatanak, Market and Investment Manager of Khmer Enterprise, Cambodia, Mr. Tien Nguyen, from Earth Venture Capital in Vietnam to share their experiences on green/climate entrepreneurship development, and opportunities for green business. While the afternoon session was designed to provide the participants with a workshop on capacity building on business management, essential business management and risk management skills for the young entrepreneurs/start-ups.