Global Green Growth Institute Now Solidified in Colombian Law

On May 24, President Duque signed off Law 1954, through which the Congress of Colombia approved the “Establishment Agreement of the Global Green Growth Institute in Colombia,” signed in Rio de Janeiro the 20th of June, 2012. With this step forward, the Republic of Colombia is one step closer to achieving GGGI’s membership status and strengthens its efforts to realize the objectives outlined in the 2030 Green Growth and Sustainable Development agenda.

The membership initiated back on July 6, 2016, with the Letter of Intention sent by the Colombian Foreign Affairs Ministry to GGGI. The congressional process started on November 29, 2017, and concluded on April 2, 2019, after 2 debates in the Senate and 2 debates in the House of Representatives. GGGI is grateful to the Government of Colombia and Honorable Senators José David Name Cardozo, Berner Leon Zambrano Eraso, and Honorable Representative German Alcides Blanco Álvarez, in their efforts to submit and convert the corresponding bill into law.

Carolina Jaramillo
GGGI Country Representative
Bogota, Colombia