GGGI hosts its first regional workshop in Antioquia to strengthen local capacities in financing projects associated with green growth

Medellin, July 25 – The GGGI Colombia team and the Government of Antioquia co-hosted an event to kick-off a Regional Strategy dialogue in this region. Given the advanced state of the art of green growth planning in Antioquia, GGGI is seeking to support the implementation of these and their impact on the ground.

More than 80 stakeholders attended the event (including the Regional Climate Change Node participants), which showcased presentations on the work of the Institute and an international perspective on green growth, the Long-term Green Growth Policy, recently approved by the CONPES, financing sources for green growth. Presentations were delivered by three environmental authorities regarding progress made in Green Growth Planning and Implementation. In addition, the event hosted an academic talk by New York University (NYU) that deepened the challenges and opportunities of green growth in urban areas.

Furthermore, participants received a training session led by the National Planning Department of potential funds for Green Growth in Antioquia. Through five technical working tables, participants discussed the financial needs, challenges and funding opportunities of the potential projects of areas of interest, such as ecosystem services, resilient rural development, resilient urban development, competitiveness and new economies; and energy & transport.  The event concluded by identifying needs and preferences that can strengthen knowledge and capacity on green growth that is relevant for this region.

Identification of funding priorities by thematic tables

Panel of Environmental Authorities: Lessons learned in Antioquia and status of Green Growth in the region