GGGI Senegal signed an MOU with the Solid Waste Management Coordination Unit (UCG)

GGGI Senegal and the Solid Waste Management Coordination Unit (UCG) signed an MOU on Cooperation for Sustainable Solid Waste Management. The objective of the UCG is to support local and regional authorities to improve the field of solid waste management through the development of infrastructure, the strengthening of management mechanisms, and the implementation of projects and programs within the framework.

GGGI and the UCG decided to combine their efforts through this Memorandum to build an integrated solid waste management scheme in the City of Touba based on:

  • the capacity development and strengthening of actors;
  • the support for initiatives to promote hygiene and combat insalubrity;
  • the installation of a plastic waste pre-treatment unit;
  • the capitalization and replication of Touba’s experience in other cities

The UCG and GGGI will cooperate in the following areas: accompanying the implementation of the project, coordinating the implementation of communication & awareness campaigns for behavior changes, mobilizing funding, and sharing information and tools.