GGGI Host Blue Skies and Net Zero 2050 Round Table to Drive Climate Action

Seoul, South Korea- September 7, 2023 — The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Climate Change Center (CCC) co-hosted a ‘Together to Net Zero 2050 Round Table’ event, part of the Blue Skies Net Zero Campaign, marking the International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies.

“Today’s Round Table is the third event after its launch of 2020 Blue Skies and 2050 Net Zero Campaign. Looking back, it is astonishing how much progress we collectively accomplished during the last three years when, at the time of the launch, concepts like “Carbon Neutrality” and “Net-Zero” were not familiar to us,” noted Dr. Young Sook Yoo Chairperson of the Board of CCC in her opening remarks. “Achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2050 is by no means an easy task. However, it is evident that if we do not act now, the lives of future generations will become even more challenging,” Dr. Yoo added.

A range of critical topics were explored during the event, highlighting the necessary transformation of Korea’s steel industry to mitigate its impact on air pollution and evolving landscape of the green finance sector in Korea.  Additional discussions explored the strategic role of Korea Green New Deal facilities (KGNDF), Article 6 and emerging opportunities in carbon markets, and inspiring story of a student entrepreneur launching a start-up with a sustainability focus. Innovations in green entrepreneurship were also highlighted. The first recipient of BIMP-EAGA-ROK Cooperation Fund (BKCF), Jovie Gil Montajes shared insights into impactful projects organized in his social enterprise ‘Light of Hope Philippines’ encouraging people to “keep on sharing the light and be like hero of hope.” The event was also supported by the Economic Chambers of Commerce in Korea (ECCK).

Launched by GGGI and the Climate Change Center in 2020 the Blue Skies and Net Zero Campaign 2050 serves as a platform to bring together governments, businesses, civil society groups, youth groups, and the public sector to build stronger public awareness of both air pollution and the climate crisis. The campaign also builds support for ambitious, bold actions to tackle greenhouse gas reduction to achieve net-zero emissions pledge. Achieving this ambitious target calls for a collective approach, uniting governments, industries, and communities in a coordinated effort to mitigate climate crisis. The Campaign was initially launched with the aim of promoting the importance of climate action in the Republic of Korea. Since then, the campaign has widened the circle of partners and global networks with Angola also joining recently.

About CCC: 
The Climate Change Center (CCC) in Korea is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating climate change and promoting sustainable development. It engages in policy advocacy, research, and public awareness campaigns to address environmental challenges. The organization collaborates with government, businesses, and academic institutions to create effective climate strategies. It has been co-organizing a series of Climate Talk & Net Zero 2050 events with GGGI, launching global campaigns in Angola.

About ECCK: 
European Chamber of Commerce in Korea – European Chamber of Commerce in Korea (

Event recording is available in GGGI YouTube (Click here)