GGGI Director-General, Frank Rijsberman, on France 24’s “People & Profit” program to explain the benefits of green growth!

Paris, France – On November 14, GGGI’s Director-General, Frank Rijsberman, appeared on France 24’s People & Profit program to discuss how investing in environmental development can help boost the economy.

During the interview, Dr. Rijsberman explained the work of GGGI to help its Members gain access to green investments and provided his insights on green growth and why its essential for countries to develop their economies in a sustainable way. He highlighted the urgency to address the climate crisis and shared some of the current progress being made. “We’re not on track to reach the Paris Agreement. But, on the other hand, there is enough technology, there is enough, in terms of solutions, to drive this forward in a more positive way,” he explained.

Regarding the political will of national authorities to adopt environmental policies, he shared, “Because we see the impact of climate change, so the hot summer, the heatwave we had in the summer, led the UK parliament to adopt a climate crisis perspective and a climate law that will make the country carbon-neutral by 2050… I think it is because the urgency is so clear now that we also see an increasing political will to take action. [Although], not fast enough, of course.”

Watch the full interview here: