GGGI Budapest Office to Strengthen European Presence

November 18, Budapest, Hungary – An Agreement to host a Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) Office in Budapest, Hungary was concluded on October 31, 2018 in Seoul, Republic of Korea.

On October 31, GGGI convened the Seventh Session of its Assembly and Eleventh Session of its Council. The joint session was chaired by GGGI’s President of the Assembly and Chair of its Council, Mr. Ban Ki-moon and attended by more than 75 delegates, representing 25 Member countries and 12 observer countries.

Following the invitation of the Government of Hungary, GGGI will continue operating an office in Budapest. Hungary became the 25th Member of GGGI in February 2016. Since 2017, GGGI has been operating a project in its office in Budapest, to develop a Green Fund for the Western Balkans.

Going forward, the GGGI Budapest Office will support the development of programs at both the national and regional levels. It is also expected to serve as a liaison office for European affairs and for strengthening its presence in the region.