GGGI and partners hold SPAR6C program launch event and facilitate strategic dialogue between Germany and Zambia on Article 6 readiness and cooperation.

Lusaka, Zambia March 28, 2023 – The Global Green Growth Institute and partners have organized two important events in the Republic of Zambia under the German-funded “Supporting Preparedness for Article 6 Cooperation” (SPAR6C): an official launch event and a strategic dialogue on Article 6 implementation. The events strengthened the partnership between the German and Zambian governments and advanced the decision-making for program design in the next phase of SPAR6C program implementation.

Held in Zambia’s capital city Lusaka, the events brought together nearly 120 stakeholders from government, private sector and NGOs. During the official launch event in the morning, remarks were provided by Germany’s Ambassador to Zambia, Ms. Anne Wagner-Mitchell, who expressed her support for the Ministry of Green Economy and Environment (MGEE) in its objectives to participate in Article 6 carbon market, and to incentivize Zambian private sector investment in implementation of the country’s Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).

The Minister of Green Economy and Environment, Honorable Eng. Collins Nzovu, spoke passionately about the importance of Article 6 for Zambia, noting that “carbon markets are like fresh air, creating new opportunities for private sector to contribute to the growth of the Zambian economy and incentivizing investment in green growth.” He showed appreciation for the strong attendance of the event, particularly from private sector and financial institutions and implored them to actively engage with the SPAR6C program.

These speeches were followed by a celebratory traditional dance and ribbon-cutting ceremony and a presentation of the core SPAR6C program elements by Global Program Manager, Mr. Marshall Brown of GGGI. During a follow-up question and answer session, the discussion centered around promoting gender and social inclusion through carbon markets, integrating carbon pricing instruments, and the role that Zambia’s research and academic institutions can play in the SPAR6C program.

In the afternoon, a strategic and technical dialogue on Zambia’s Article 6 engagement was held on the premises of the MGEE with representatives from the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs, the agency funding the SPAR6C program. Participants reviewed the summary of initial findings of a recent evaluation of the country’s state of preparedness for Article 6 engagement, the “Readiness and Needs Assessment for Article 6 Implementation in Zambia.” The evaluation provides baseline situation analysis and details Zambia’s needs from the SPAR6C program, including support for “fast-track” market engagement in a pilot phase, and support to promote long-term, scaled participation in the global carbon market. The assessment has proved vital to Government of Zambia, a country that has high aspirations to actively participate in the global carbon market.

The strategic dialogue was facilitated by SPAR6C consortium members GFA Consulting Group lead implementation of program activities in Zambia with support from UNEP Copenhagen Climate Center (UNEPCCC). Key priorities were elaborated by the MGEE, including pilot project development, improving data quality and MRV readiness, and support for the design of the country’s governance framework and carbon market engagement strategy. The SPAR6C program aims to support the preparation of up to three ambitious greenhouse gas reduction projects that will serve as the basis for transactions under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

The event in Zambia is the first in-country launch event and strategic dialogue for the SPAR6C program, which will also take place in Colombia, Pakistan and Thailand throughout 2023 around the completion of Readiness and Needs Assessments. The next event is planned to be held in Bangkok at the end of April.

About the Supporting Preparedness for Article 6 Cooperations (SPAR6C)

The Supporting Preparedness for Article 6 Cooperation (SPAR6C [spark]) program is a five-year funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), through the German government’s International Climate Initiative (IKI). The program supports stakeholders in Colombia, Pakistan, Thailand, and Zambia to become prepared to engage in carbon transactions under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement. SPAR6C provides decision support to government counterparts, capacity building for private sector and technical assistance to identify and prepare potential mitigation activities. In addition to in-country support, SPAR6C hosts a global knowledge exchange platform, the “Community of Practice for Article 6 Implementing Countries” or CoP-ASIC. The program is implemented by a consortium of experts, led by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI), with delivery partners Carbon Limits, GFA Consulting Group (GFA), Kommunalkredit Public Consulting (KPC) and UN Environment Programme’s Copenhagen Climate Centre (UNEP-CCC).

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