GGGI All Staff Meeting 2021

Tuesday, March 23, 2021 – This week, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is holding a week-long All Staff Meeting, inviting staff from both the Seoul headquarters and country offices to take part in side events, sessions, and training workshops in hybrid format to exchange updates and share achievements across the organization.

GGGI President & Chair, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, delivered remarks during the opening session of the All Staff Meeting to show his appreciation to colleagues for their hard work and dedication to the organization, despite the numerous challenges brought by COVID-19. He also congratulated GGGI staff on all of the achievements made, in spite of the obstacles from the pandemic including pandemic-induced lockdowns, social distancing measures, travel restrictions, and more.

In 2020, GGGI was able to have a large increase in the number of policies adopted by partner governments, many public and private green investments signed/secured, growth in earmarked funding, and much more still in the pipelines.

“In any organization, it is the people—and how they work together for a common mission—that determines the success of the organization. GGGI has an all-important mission to bring about green growth, and I believe we have the people—with resolve—to overcome the various challenges and to see the mission through,” shared GGGI President & Chair, Mr. Ban Ki-moon, during the meeting.