Fiji validates its Nationally Determined Contribution Investment Plan

Suva, Fiji – The Fijian Government has maintained taking strong climate action during the current COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that national climate action work continues at pace.

Hosted by the Fiji Ministry of Economy from 26-27 November 2020, national experts and key stakeholders convened to review and provide feedback on the final version of Fiji’s NDC Investment Plan and project pipeline. This workshop followed a two-pronged approach where key stakeholders attended small pocket meetings and were also able to provide their comments through an online feedback form.

The Fiji NDC Investment Plan is developed for the national energy efficiency and transport (land, air and maritime transport) sectors with the aim of decarbonizing these sectors to achieve Fiji’s long-term low emission development goals. It presents essential information on potential opportunities for greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation in Fiji, supported by potential means for financing these opportunities.

Key stakeholders from the transport sector joined the validation workshop and reviewed Fiji’s NDC implementation and financing national documents.

There are 20 primary mitigation opportunities presented in the NDC Investment Plan which is divided into 11 actions in the transport sector and 9 actions in the energy efficiency sector to be implemented from 2020 to the end of 2030. Further guidance and information are also shared on 11 secondary mitigation opportunities which also present significant greenhouse gas reduction potential for Fiji.

Over the two-day workshop, stakeholders discussed in-depth the actions presented in the land, maritime, air transport and energy efficiency sectors. They also looked at the viability of these actions and whether they were appropriate for Fiji’s economy. The associated project pipeline, which is presented in the Annex of the NDC Investment Plan will help Fiji transform these priority areas into tangible actions on the ground and achieve its GHG emission reduction goals.

Through the robust and promising pipeline of projects, the aim is to also attract reliable and sustainable public and private sector investments – which is crucial for achieving Fiji’s national climate action vision. It is also noteworthy that this line of activity puts Fiji on-track to operationalize the goals and pathways articulated in its NDC Implementation Roadmap of 2017.

The next steps following this validation workshop are to capture the stakeholders’ inputs in the documents and submit the final NDC Investment Plan with project pipeline to the Fijian Government, following which national procedures will be mobilized to seek final approval from the national cabinet endorse these documents.

Led by GGGI as part of its role as an implementation partner of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub, this work was delivered in partnership with consultancy counterpart GH Sustainability.

The Regional Pacific NDC Hub is implemented through a partnership between GIZ, GGGI, the Pacific Community (SPC) and the Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP) with valuable financial support from the Germany, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand Governments.