EC-GGGI Seminar on Cooperation on Climate and Development Strategies in Developing Countries

On June 17, in Brussels, GGGI collaborated with the European Commission to organize the “EC-GGGI Seminar on Cooperation on Climate Development Strategies in Developing Countries,” with the objective to strengthen cooperation between the EU and GGGI and build  a dialogue on efficient strategies for how climate resiliency and green growth can be promoted in developing countries. Participants were made up of representatives from GGGI, DG CLIMA, DG DEVCO, and other partner organizations.  

The first part of the event focused on development cooperation to achieve SDGs, mobilize climate finance, and raise climate ambitions. Participants discussed country-wide adoption of green growth and related development strategies, with focus on planning and implementation of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), long-term low emission development strategies (LEDS), and other development considerations towards achieving the Sustainable development Goals (SDGs), mobilizing climate finance, and raising climate ambitions. The second part of the seminar, titled EU-GGGI Discussion, focused on strategic discussions on EU-GGGI collaboration. 

During the seminar, several of GGGI’s successful case studies were showcased. Orestes Anastasia, Head of Thought Leadership Department, presented the process, outcomes, and lessons learned from GGGI’s work for Fiji’s Low Emission Development Strategy. He explained how achieving net-zero/net-negative emissions is entirely achievable with existing, known technologies, and it’s critical to link LEDS to existing national development, economic growth, adaptation, and other environmental and social priorities. The Fiji Ministry of Economy provided direct oversight and guidance throughout the process, while GGGI supported design, stakeholder process, scenario development, and compilation of the LEDS.   

Dexippos Agourides, Director for Africa & Europe, presented GGGI’s Ethiopia case study on work completed, challenges met, and successes. He featured how GGGI’s collaboration with the Government of Ethiopia has evolved over time, from the establishment and development of green growth policy framework to accelerating green growth in Ethiopia with focus on resources mobilization, green investments, and innovative policy work. He also explained that tangible results were produced, positioning the country among the fast runners in the transition to Green Growth pathway.  

GGGI Viet Nam Country representative, Adam Ward, featured GGGI’s Viet Nam country program with an overview of Viet Nam’s current green growth challenges and opportunities, with a focus on future coal power and options to reduce this via renewable energy and energy efficiency. During the session, linkages were drawn with GGGI’s proposed partnership with the EU on Accelerating Innovations for Energy Efficiency Initiative, proposed to be part of the EU’s Multi-Annual Indicative Program with Viet Nam, followed by discussions on alignment with the needs of Viet Nam and the EU’s strategic objectives.  

The event also featured a session on “Mobilizing Climate Finance for NDC Implementation,” during which panelists discussed success and challenges in mobilizing climate finance for NDC implementation and shared insights on mobilizing public and private funding based on successful experience in developing countries and emerging economies. This was later followed by a session on “Strategies for Raising Climate Ambition” for panelists to discuss strategies for raising national climate ambitions, including sectoral strategies, mobilizing private funding, generating business opportunities and green jobs, linkages with other sectors and development issues, challenges, and needs. 

For the future, the seminar will have set the base for continual discussion between GGGI and the EU, in order to cooperate on green development strategies for partner countries to implement measure towards their NDCs and the SDGs.