East Kalimantan Accelerates FMU Development

East Kalimantan is accelerating the development of Forest Management Units (FMU). Therefore, the East Kalimantan Forestry Office as the leading institution collaborated with development partner organizations in the province, including GGGI, and facilitated the inauguration of FMU Center on 25 June 2018.

At the same time, the East Kalimantan Government officially announced the commencement of GGGI support program to facilitate the FMUs on the preparation of long-term management plans and business plans, integrating them with emission reduction efforts.

Representative of the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta, Christoffer Grønstad, in his capacity as the Forest and Climate Change Counselor expressed the embassy’s appreciation for this effort, “This is an inspiring and important moment for forest management in East Kalimantan. We know that you are working hard, you are committed, and have shown how much you appreciate your forest. We are very happy that you are focusing on making the FMUs independent and how you are working with GGGI on the business plans as we think they are a very appropriate partner. Congratulations!”


A day before the inauguration event, Christoffer Grønstad and Country Representative GGGI, Marcel Silvius, accompanied by the Head of East Kalimantan Forestry Office, Wahyu Widi Heranata visited FMU Balikpapan and FMU Bongan, and observed environmental services activities (water and environmental education tours) at Bukit Bangkirai Nature Reserve, Environmental Education and Tourism Area, Samboja Lestari Sun Bears Conservation Center, and Balikpapan Botanic Garden.

As a form of appreciation and support for tropical forest management efforts undertaken by FMU Balikpapan and FMU Bongan, representatives of the Norwegian Embassy and GGGI planted and adopted trees in the Sungai Wain Protected Forest and Bukit Bangkirai area.


In addition, the delegation also visited the working area of FMU Belayan River Basin in Muara Siran Village, Muara Kaman Sub-district, Kutai Kartanegara District, to see community initiatives around Lake Siran in an effort to protect Mahakam Tengah’s peat forests and to explore regional management ideas and business opportunities within the FMU.