Climate, COVID-19, and the Collaboration We Need

On Friday, June 19, the GGGI Country Representative for Papua New Guinea, Achala Abeysinghe, participated as a panelist in the Climate, COVID-19, and the Collaboration We Need webinar hosted by the International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED) and the International Centre for Climate Change and Development (ICCCAD).

The event brought together international think tanks to discuss the kind of collaboration and action that is needed now to achieve transformative change, and prepare us for a radically different world.

During the event, participants discussed lessons to be learned from the pandemic that can help us tackle the climate crisis, as well as lessons learned through capacity building, advocacy, and grassroots action to catalyze a different future.

This was the first online event in a series hosted by IIED and the ICCCAD on the climate crisis and COVID-19 – working together for the change we need, which will be hosted between June and October 2020.

“Sustainable energy must be a key area in all stimulus packages because it’s a huge opportunity for countries such as PNG, where access to electricity is only 10% of the total population in the country […] so improving access to electricity alone will create a strong enabling environment that stimulates job creation and strengthens other economic activities,” shared Achala Abeysinghe, GGGI Country Representative for Papua New Guinea.

Watch the full recording here.