Burkina Faso Long term low emission development strategy at COP 27: on the road to adaptation

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 8th November 2022. Burkina Faso’s long term low emission development strategy, elaborated with GGGI’s and AFD’s technical and financial support over 2021-22, will be presented at various side-events at the 27th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Egypt.

The goal of Long Term Low Emission Development Strategies (LT-LEDS) is to make economic development compatible with climate commitments. The trajectories defined in the LT-LEDS can be used as a benchmark for revised and successive NDCs.

Burkina Faso’s LT-LEDS integrates the country’s adaptation and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) targets to orient emission reductions where they create most benefits for the economy and the population. ​The strategy includes three economy-wide emission reduction scenarios allowing to reach net zero emissions by 2050. They differ in the level of ambition, speed of implementation and amount of additional investment required; the most ambitious scenario resulting in a net carbon sink corresponding to 7 Mt per year.

Calculated co-benefits on employment creation and GDP growth rate between the scenarios show that more ambitious climate action will boost the economy and create more green jobs. Investments in land-use sectors of reforestation, afforestation, forest restoration and reduced deforestation, combined with sustainable agriculture and livestock practices, will be most efficient in producing mitigation outcomes while supporting the country’s adaptation goals and employment.

Burkina Faso LT-LEDS will be presented during the COP27 in the following side events:

  • November 8, 12h30, NDCP Pavilion: Burkina Faso Government’s side event:  Burkina Faso facing climate change: issues, challenges, actions;
  • November 10, 13hs, MDB Pavilion: AFDB-GGGI session on Circular Economy;
  • November 12, 17hs, NDCP Pavilion: Long-term adaptation planning by AFD, WRI and IDB;
  • November 14, 9hs, NDC Pavilion: Delivering on Africa’s Adaptation and Mitigation Priorities for COP27: An Assessment of Progress from the Africa NDC HUB by AFDB, NDC Hub Africa.

Live streaming HERE.

GGGI has also supported Ethiopia and Vanuatu to establish their Long term low emission strategies.

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