Blueprint for Cambodia’s strategic Article 6 engagement achieved

Siem Reap, 15-16 September 2022, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and Department of Climate Change of Ministry of Environment Cambodia led an inter-ministerial workshop attended by the National Sub-Working Group for Greenhouse Gas Inventory. The workshop  presented strategic decision options that could be applied in Cambodia to set the parameters for authorizing mitigation activities and the international transfer of mitigation outcomes under the rules and guidance of Article 6 (A6) of the Paris Agreement during Cambodia’s Pilot A6 engagement period.

This key event was presided by H.E. Dr. Chan Somaly, Under Secretary of State of Ministry of Environment and Ms. Shomi Kim, GGGI Country Representative for Cambodia and was joined by 28 representatives from line ministries.

The workshop which took place over two days in Siem Reap is a milestone in Cambodia’s Article 6 Readiness. The culmination of targeted knowledge events and capacity building on A6 strategic decisions by GGGI and other multi-lateral partners resulted in majority consensus from participants   on key issues related to Cambodia’s Article 6 engagement strategy. The recommendations reached in the workshop will be incorporated into Cambodia’s Article 6 Operations Manual and after further review and consultation presented to the management of the Ministry of Environment for endorsement.  Engagement in Article 6 cooperation can support Cambodia in accessing new forms of finance for the green transition and raising the country’s climate change ambition.

H.E. Dr. Chan Somaly, said, “Cambodia submitted the updated NDC in 2020. The target set out for GHG reduction is ambitious with several innovative activities identified to reduce GHG emissions even as Cambodia grows and becomes more prosperous. However, these mitigation activities come at a cost, and many will require international finance to implement. This why Article 6 is important for Cambodia. Article 6 of the Paris Agreement establishes the mechanisms and frameworks that will unlock new finance by enabling Cambodia to cooperate with other countries on the implementation of mitigation measures communicated in the NDC through carbon trading.”

This workshop is the culmination of the first section of a dedicated Article 6 training program developed under the cooperation of GGGI and the Department for Climate Change of Ministry of Environment. The next section of the training program will focus on enhancing the capacity of the Government of Cambodia to take technical decisions necessary to finalize setting up of the governance frameworks for A6.