An advocacy campaign on the road to Dakar E-waste 2022 day

Stakeholders in the WEEE sector were received by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) for a morning session to work on a stakeholder memorandum as preliminaries to Dakar E-waste Day 2022 on october 14.

This activity is part of the support provided to the structuring of the e-waste sector towards an integrated waste management system. The E-waste management component aims to set up an eco-organisation through a take-back system. This system, which follows best practices in environmentally sound management, requires an appropriate legal environment. The GGGI in collaboration with the Directorate of Environment and Classified Establishments, the State IT Agency and the Regional Centre for the Basel and Stockholm Conventions have defined  the proposed reforms.

As part of this modernisation process, the informal sector is targeted for a capacity building programme on waste dismantling technics and on the eco-organism mechanism. It is expected a social business model that integrate the informal sector. To support the initiative, the stakeholders met on 19 July 2022 at the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development to validate the memorandum to be submitted to the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development as an act of engagement in the face au the e-waste management challenge. In Senegal it will be necessary to find the solution to manage 43000 tons of e-waste in 2030. As they said ” We must act now ”
The e-waste has the particularity of containing dangerous substances, hence the need to develop an awareness programme  related to the health risks , the potential to pollute the environment but also to deliver the message  of Senegal’s participation on october 14, 2022 the day during the E-waste international day 2022.

The GGGI will host a high-level communication day for stakeholders with officials, public reading of the Dakar Declaration, an exhibition space for the private sector and a high-level panel.

A webinar on the way to E-waste 2022 will be organised very soon to share information on this major event.