A mobilization meeting Ahead of the Dakar World Water Forum

GGGI has signed a convention with the World Water Forum Executive Secretariat SEFME as a key partner in promoting this international event.

As part of the mobilization of high-level partners, GGGI and SEFME colleagues organized a preparatory meeting on the participation of our organization in this forum.

GGGI as the privileged advisor of the State of Senegal on the implementation of climate policy is working closely with some of the governmental partners on the theme of water and sanitation being the central issue for the work of this first edition in Sub-Saharan Africa.

During the meeting it was discussed the importance of the participation of our organization in continuity of what was done in the pre-forum phase where we made public the report on ‘assessment of the contribution of the sanitation sub-sector in the reduction of emissions. On this point it is also a question of highlighting all the political work around the fiscal incentives related to the sanitation sector but also on the attractiveness of the private investment in the management of the sanitation works.

During the forum, GGGI will welcome the public in its booth at the department of ministries and key partners such as the agricultural bank, the Ministry of Agriculture to also disseminate information on the solar irrigation project for climate smart agriculture. In the exhibition part of the stand we will show the work done by the project team of liquid waste management through the recovery of sludge in sanitation by-products.

In addition to the promotion, GGGI will held side events around issues related to our country program with implementing partners: Green Emergent Plan and fast tracking investment in  , Sanitation and climate change among other topics during expert panels.

The Executive Secretary welcomed the involvement of our organization since the beginning of the process, and invited us to take all the necessary steps to disseminate knowledge and experiences related to sanitation, recalling the role played by the CEO Ban ki-Moon in the inclusion of OOD 6 in the roadmap of sustainable development goals.