World toilet Day celebration in Dakar

The Ministry of water and Sanitation in partnership with GGGI & Senegalese Normalization Association (SNA)organized the 2020 world toilet day in with the whole theme of ” Sustainable sanitation & Climate Change”. The ceremony was chaired by the general secretary of the water and sanitation Ministry with the presence of GGGI senegal country representative and SNA president.
“The growth rate of standards toilets remain low in Senegal” opened the secretary in introducing talk with a quote from a 2017 report of Demographic National Senegalese Agnecy. The sanitary facilities access rate is estimated at 42% and defecation rate are raised from 26,5% to 29,7% in 2017. However we realized significant advances in the fight against defecation with around 6 000 villages abandoned air defecation and are now using “total sanitation managed by communities” coordinated by National hygiene Services and Sanitation Direction. He advocates for standards sanitation structures in order to reduce faecal diseases.

Country Representative Romain Brillie adressed a talk highlighting the 2020 5th anniversary of the Paris agreement and signatory countries have to deliver theirs National Determined Contribution before the 26th conference of parties that is set to be held to be held next year. He also to this extent to etablish the link between sanitation and the climate change. GGGI as a inter-governmental organization trough his mandate is supporting Senegal towards the transition to green growth pathways. The key strategic objective in the cooperation framework with Senegal, is the development of green secondary cities in which it including to improve sanitation services in order to reinforce resilience to climate change in the line with Senegal rising plan. With the funding from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation the government of the Grand-Duché of Luxemburg GGGI is implementing projects related to this thematic. These projects aim to create the link between sanitation and climate change in order to integrate this matter into public politics as it could generate private mobilization on climate financing.
The allocutions session was closed with remarks from Senegalese normalization association. “It urges to build sanitation standards infrastructures as they could participate to eliminate faecal diseases and enhance populations living conditions.”
The 2nd session was round table in which GGGI took part and showcased the report on tax incentive related to sanitation.