Women’s Day: An opportunity to reflect on equality and equity of the Ugandan woman.

All day, every day, around the world a more gender-balanced world is being forged. From grassroots awareness raising to highly visible campaigns with impact, gender parity is being forged. This is one of the talks that transpired on International Women’s Day in Luzira.

On International Women’s Day, the GGGI Uganda country representative Ms. Dagmar Zwebe joined the Luzira community home to GGGI Uganda in celebrating the tenacity, determination, and leadership of women and girls in the community. It was in recognition of the immense contributions and accomplishments the group has achieved toward more empowered and independent societies.

The youth in Luzira chose to commemorate Women’s Day with the Women in Leadership Luzira (WiLL), Rotaract club of Luzira, Lakeside College and Luzira Senior Secondary. These are people making exceptional contributions to the community where they live. These groups are engaged in waste recycling and reuse, making products such as paper cardboard, doormats, home decorations and book covers.

Ms. Dagmar Zwebe, GGGI Uganda Country Representative visited the exhibition stall of the Women in Luzira Leadership group.

The leader of the Women in Leadership Luzira group, Ms. Zainab Mirembe addressing the group said the team started as a small savings group making books out of waste and selling them to communities, schools and the underprivileged at a subsidized cost. This was meant to keep the environment clean and safe from solid waste. She said she was proud of the women that they had become on this empowerment journey as the group has grown to make more from what they produce than what they had been saving before.

Mrs. Kiwanuka one of the women leaders in Luzira during the talk encouraged the women counterparts to continue uplifting and reinforcing gender equity and equality, to strengthen family stability and prosperity in the community.” Let’s use technology to better ourselves. Use your phones to sell your product, we should strive to compliment each other.” Mrs. Kiwanuka said reassuring the women to go digital and take advantage of the technology at their disposal i.e. their phones.

Ms. Dagmar Zwebe addressing the group cheered and celebrated the women for their brains, enthusiasm, motivation and thoughts. She expounded on the difference and relevance of equality and equity in women’s daily lives as they serve their communities. “It is important that women reach the same economic empowerment as men if we are to have a breakthrough as women. Having a woman in the room doesn’t stand for equality if you don’t give her space to speak. You women can change your lives, you can create the world you want to see, we can do this” she said giving a keynote speech to the women and youth.

The day ended with tree planting by Ms. Dagmar together with the political and women leaders in Luzira parish. Engaging women is key to development, including climate action. There is more work to do, so, together, let us accelerate gender equality and empowerment today for a more sustainable tomorrow!