Women in Climate Change Conference 2022 (#WiCC)

Recognition of Women in Climate Change

About Women in Climate Change 2022

Recognizing the role of women in addressing the adverse effects of climate change and being cognizant that the issues regarding gender inequality and climate change are overly simplified without clear solutions in the National Climate Change Policy of Uganda is critical. To achieve this, there is a need to acknowledge the climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts made by women, and their exceptional efforts in implementing response strategies.

National Planning Authority (NPA), the Climate Change Department – Ministry of Water and Environment, the Global Green Growth Institute, the European Union, GIZ and other partners are supporting hosting the first 2022 Women in Climate Change (WiCC) Conference on June 16, 2022. This is to recognize and accelerate inclusive participation of women in climate change, adaptive, mitigative, and responsive initiatives and increase women’s visibility in climate actions. The proposed actions will build on and expand the involvement of Women in Climate Change and introduce them to the benefits of Green Growth.

Dates & Format

WiCC 2022 is hosted by the Global Green Growth Institute Uganda office on 16 June, 2022.

The conference will be a one-day event, and will consist of a combination of plenary, panel group discussions and exhibitions. This mixture of plenary and panel discussions will provide participants with an outstanding opportunity to interact and learn about the latest ideas and practices in climate action and in achieving green growth.

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Call for WiCC Exhibition Registration (16 June 2022)

Entreprenuers are welcome to showcase their eco-friendly products at the women in climate change conference to be held at Makerere University, Food Science and Technology conference Centre on 16 June 2022. Female entrepreneurs are strongly encouraged to register!

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Call for Nominations 2022

The Women in Climate Change Awards, recognize outstanding leaders and activists in climate action and green growth. Happening for the first time in Uganda, these awards shine a light on women that make a significant contribution towards reducing the impacts of climate change and promoting a low-carbon climate resilient economy in Uganda.

The awards recognize one individual per category through a nomination process. The WiCC awards ceremony will take place on the 16th June 2022 as part of the WiCC conference.

We are now accepting nominations for the following five awards:

1. Youth Innovation award: Awarded to a young woman that has developed an innovative climate-smart technology or project to address the climate crisis in Uganda.

2. Climate Sector Leadership award: Awarded to a woman in a managerial or sector leadership role in transformational action on green growth and climate change

3. Climate Policy Advocacy award: Awarded to a woman who has demonstrated outstanding policy leadership at the national or subnational level in advocating for sound climate and environment policy and strategies, modelling of institutional frameworks and capacities to ensure alignment of climate change in national actions for realization of national targets.

4. Outstanding Climate Activist award: Remarkable role in influencing climate action, education, rallying support for implementation of priority actions, and contributing to dialogues aimed to draw attention to the need for behavioral change to attain low carbon development and climate resilience in the country.

5. Outstanding Male Champion in Climate Action award: Most outstanding male counterpart who has supported the inclusion of women in climate change and champions climate change negotiations.

Please note that the deadline for nominations is 7 June, 2022.

Kampala Smart City Walk (5 June, 2022)

To commemorate the World Environment Day, Kampala Smart City Walk will take place on Sunday, 5th June, 2022. It aims to mobilise women to participate in the upcoming 2022 Women in Climate Change Conference this June. The walk will also include visiting some women planting seedlings, selling recycled crafts, and other activities to learn about current gender-related social issues in Kampala. If interested, please register below.

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Main Event (16 June, 2022)

The main activities of the WiCC conference on 16 June, 2022 will be exhibition of female-run enterprises, gender-related projects & programmes, panel discussions, awards for women in climate change, public seminars on youth involvement in climate change.
Please download the programme from down below.

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