Visit by Alex McBratney, ‘Nobel Prize’ Winner for Soil Science

Seoul, Korea – May 29 – The Sustainable Landscapes Thematic team based at the GGGI Seoul headquarters, led by Annawati van Paddenburg, organized a special learning session today on the topic of Enhancing Soil Function for Green Growth – Soil Security.

GGGI invited Prof Alex McBratney from the University of Sydney to highlight the importance of soil security, which places soil at the center of addressing some of the global issues that face humanity, such as food, water security, energy sustainability, ecosystem service delivery, biodiversity protection and climate change abatement.

During the session, Prof McBratney, a world-leading soil scientist who won the “Nobel Prize for Soil,” inspired all participants to realize the critical value of the world’s soil resources and aim for soil security, with a message quoted from his presentation: “We shouldn’t abandon improving the degraded soil function. The world that secures its soil will sustain itself.” 

All in all, we should understand the capability and conditions of our soil and try to improve these aspects.

Soil security is a key building block for green growth, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).