[Virtual Event] Scaling-up Water Access in SIDS – Lessons Learned from Vanuatu

  • Date: June 30, 2021 (Wednesday)
  • Time: 08:00-09 :00 (CEST); 17 :00-18 :00 (VUT); 15 :00-16 :00 (KST)
  • Location: Virtual
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The virtual event is intended to share lessons learned from the successful implementation of the water access project in Vanuatu in the context of significantly scaling up water access in Small Island Developing States (SIDS) and enhancing climate resilience.


This event marks the closing of a two-year project implemented by the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Government of Vanuatu with the financial support of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. At this occasion, development partners and actors that are involved in the cooperation with GGGI and the Government of Luxembourg, including Members and partners Governments, will be invited to share experiences, lessons learned and explore opportunities for cooperation to scale-up water access in SIDS.


Under the changing climate, the access to safe and secure water is particularly challenging in SIDS. Water access is facing pressure from extreme weather events, which includes natural disaster situations related to climate change like cyclones and periods of drought. In 2019, GGGI, the Government of Vanuatu, with funding from the Government of Luxembourg, began the implementation of a project in Vanuatu. Two years later, the project delivered on its ambition and provided water access to more than 9,500 beneficiaries in rural areas. The installation of 21 solar powered water systems has been changing life of communities in Vanuatu, while providing more reliable, climate resilient water supply. Sharing the experience and lessons from this project, the panel will be invited to share views on solutions to enhance water access in SIDS and bring mitigation co-benefits.