Video on Green Growth Planning in Jordan

February 25, 2020 – The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) released a video highlighting the work of the organization to support the country of Jordan with green growth planning and implementation strategies.

In the video, Senior Program Officer in GGGI Jordan, Mr. Marshall Brown, explains that GGGI has been working with Jordan since 2014 to support the government with the development and implementation of their green growth national agendas. Last year, GGGI collaborated with the government to develop 6 action plans for the following sectors: Agriculture, Energy, Waste, Water, Tourism, and Transport.

“The Government has made remarkable achievements in strategic planning with the support of GGGI,” shared Nabil Masarweh, Minister of Environment of Jordan. “As a result of the developed action plan, green growth has become a priority for Jordan … This is important at the time that Jordan needs to recover from the chronic resources’ scarcity & the unprecedented pandemic COVID-19”

Watch the full video here.