Validation of the Green Growth Strategic assessment report of the Economic and Social National Plan 2.0 (NDP)

Ouagadougou, April 27th, 2021, the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) and the Government of Burkina Faso organized National workshop to validate the Green Growth Strategic assessment of the Economic and Social National Plan 2.0 and present the climate finance potential contribution to its implementation.

The opening ceremony was chaired by Simeon Sawadogo (Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change) and Malle Fofana (GGGI Country Representative). The workshop aimed: (i) to reach a national consensus on the green growth elements to be considered in the new Economic and Social National Plan 2021-2025 and (ii) develop national capacity for climate finance mobilization..

Two presentations have been made : one on the assessment report, including the potential impacts and specific risks associated with the implementation of NDP, by Delwende Nabayaogo, local GGGI expert in charge of the Green Growth Strategic assessment and,second on climate finance and the green climate funds , by Issaka Ouedraogo, GCF-NDA.  The report stressed out environmental issues that strategic decisions are likely to generate and to assess the alternative solutions that would make it possible to achieve the desired objectives while minimizing the environmental effects, for a green recovery.

The workshop allowed participants to:

  • Present the potential impacts and risks related to the different development sectors and associated actions of the new national development framework;
  • Present the environmental and social management plan (ESMP) of the impacts related to the implementation of the new development framework;
  • Discuss and amend the ESMP implementation mechanism;
  • Validate the Green Growth Strategic assessment report of the national development flagship plan (RND) 2021-2025 and the associated ESMP for a better recovery plan;
  • Share knowledge on climate finance in general and more specifically on financing opportunities related to the Green Climate Fund;
  • Strengthen the capacity of different actors to mobilize public and private sources of financing related to climate finance;
  • Promote cooperation between different actors in the development of bankable climate change mitigation and adaptation projects.

The workshop provided elements for a green recovery that will allow Burkina Faso to minimize the environmental effects and initiate the green growth journey. The minister said ‘’Mainstreaming green growth in National Plan is important to support our resilience and adaption to climate change’’

The Government of Burkina Faso expressed its satisfaction on having this Green Growth Strategic assessment , because this is the first time that this type of exercice is conducted. According to Minister Simeon Sawadogo, this report will undoubtedly enhance the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts of the implementation of the new NDP.