Use ICTs for Scaling up agroecology to achieve the SDGs: PREMIUM HORTUS, the African greentech for Agroecology in implementation in Morocco

Like many African countries (Benin, Cameroon, Togo, Nigeria …), Morroco has had a rapid increase in its urban population (over 65%), with high demand for garden produce, such as fruits and vegetables. Large quantities of chemical fertilizer and inputs are used by the horticulture sector each year. The distribution system remains very traditional and lacking in modern agricultural technology. Also, there are huge post-harvest losses and food waste (up to 40% for fruits and vegetables according to the FAO) despite the productivity declines, the high vulnerability of small producers and family farms to climate change.

This causes significant water and soil pollution, biodiversity, high GHG emissions, price spikes and high poverty. Huge total losses of good quality soils for agricultural production are recorded each year with the scarcity of water resources.

Food insecurity affects a large part of the population and the various health consequences of thousands of urban households are worrying.

Innovation in greentech and agroecology

To solve this challenge, we reconcile ICTs, the circular and solidarity economy, and the applied management.

Awarded Best World “Innovations for Agroecology” by FAO, Winner of the ICAF AWARD (Climate Initiatives) 2017 at COP23, and distinguished as one of the top 10 most advanced Agritech startups in Africa at the Presidential Summit in AGRF 2018, PREMIUM HORTUS is the African greentech for scaling agroecology to achieve the SDGs, specializing in the e-commerce of agroecological products, organic production and farmers support.

Available as a Web, Mobile platform, Big data, blockchains and Payment solutions, ” Premium Hortus ” allows you to subscribe, order, pay online, so as to get home-delivered fruits, vegetables, and organic products safely. In this way, users can control their consumption, reduce waste, donate or transfer food, and receive a food insurance credit. Waste is limited and recycled for organic composting, biogas, and for the cosmetics industry.

With our organic farms, farmers benefit from adequate technologies that facilitate their responsible production and adaptations to climate change. They have easy access to natural seeds, technical support(informations, pest management, control of rainfall, seeds, water control techniques, planning, biological processing, recycling, diversification, marketing, and green management.), knowledge and sharing of experiences. They can easily monitor the evolution of stocks remotely by phone or PC.

In line with the SDGs (1,2,4,5,6,8,12,13,14,15), PREMIUM HORTUS has real socio-economic, cultural and ecological impacts verified by several international experts with reports.

PREMIUM HORTUS strengthens the resilience of family farmers, increasing access for all to healthy foods, in a healthy environment. Many young and women familyfarmers can access technical support, optimize their agricultural productivity and reduce postharvest losses of up to 50 percent. They benefit from a short circuit, and market their small quantities of products more easily. Thus, the population can enjoy low-cost organic food, at steady prices, and improve their nutritional security.

PREMIUM HORTUS enhances professionalization, facilitates climate change adaptation, and empowers farmers from all backgrounds. Through responsible production and consumption, PREMIUM HORTUS reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and preserves the soil, water, biodiversity and health of thousands of African households.

PREMIUM HORTUS has been initiated in Benin since January 2016 and is in the internationalization phase. It has, according to the Bilan Carbone, a reduction of 46.67% GREENHOUSE GAS over a total of 1681 Kg / ha / year emitted. It promotes the Saving 31.12% of direct energy out of a total of 3088 Kwh / ha / year used for transportation, tractors, irrigation, and self-propelled in-line farming. Our innovation therefore has a direct energy reduction of 6727 KWh / year, reduction of crop losses and reduction of at least 40% of GHG emissions generated.

Our team of co-founders have complementary expertise in management, corporate communication, computer engineering, agronomy and nutrition sciences. We all know each other, we respect each other, accept our differences to innovate and impact together. We share the same values ​​of innovation, professionalism, responsibility, leadership, excellence and eco-citizenship.

GREENPENEURS Program, a real implementation support of PREMIUM HORTUS in MOROCCO

The GREENPRENEURS Program organized by GGGI, Youth Climate Lab and Student Energy, is very important for the implementation of PREMIUM HORTUS in Morocco. Laureate of the 1st GREENPRENEURS Program, ou team have benefited from various expertise and mentors that have allowed us to deepen the study of needs and market, to increase accessibility to our green innovation, to improve our financial strategy and fundraising. The various modules and experience sharing are very edifying for better team performance.

The perpetuation of GREENPRENEURS will certainly allow the development of the green economy in Africa and in the world.

Let’s work together for green growth !

Local agroecological practices and innovations can be scaled up to achieve the SDGs. PREMIUM HORTUS is a profitable, replicable Green Technology based on the principles of agroecology, Which can be supported by organizations, state and nonstate actors, and investors

We are available for a lasting partnership with you and do not hesitate to contact us.

Agriculture has developed with imperfections, but thanks to GGGI, Youth Climate Lab, Study Energy and You, it is possible to scale up acgroecology to achieve SDGs.