Uganda signs its Host Country Agreement with the Foreign Affairs Ministry

Kampala, Uganda – March 9 – The Government of Uganda and GGGI signed the Host Country Agreement (HCA) today at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kampala. The HCA was signed by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Hon. Sam Kuteesa and Mr. Dexippos Agourides, Head of GGGI’s Africa and Middle East portfolio.

The Agreement spells out the privileges and immunities for proper functioning of GGGI in Uganda and grants GGGI a legal status. The HCA shall provide GGGI and the Republic of Uganda a solid collaboration framework to promote green growth planning and implementation in Uganda.

By signing this HCA, the Government of Uganda recognizes that GGGI is an international organization with international legal personality.

The next step after signing the Host Country Agreement shall be approval by cabinet to sign the membership accession instrument.