U.N. Global Compact to hold summit in Korea next week

The U.N. Global Compact will host the “UNGC Korea Leaders Summit 2015” in Seoul next week, organizers said Thursday.

Around 400 officials across governments, corporations, and academia from both Korea and abroad are expected to attend, including U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Global Green Growth Institute Council chair Suslio Banbang Yudhoyono, and John Elkington, the cofounder of Volans.

This year’s summit plans to introduce the main UNGC initiatives as well as B4P (Business for Peace) to South Korean businesses and encourage them to be an active participant.

The summit will also hold a membership ceremony for the Korea Exchange on joining the U.N. Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative.

The UNGC, which holds a leaders summit once every three years, is an U.N. initiative with around 12,000 corporate members across 130 countries.

South Korea currently has 285 members. Members are expected to upkeep 10 principles on human rights, labor, environment and anticorruption.

Believing that corporations, which possess skills, workforce and resources, have the means to affect society on a substantial scale, The UNGC encourages businesses across the world to strive for sustainable development in terms of social, economic and environmental issues.

Original article from the Korea Herald here.