Tuvalu leads consultation with national experts on NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan

Keynote address delivered by the Director of Climate Change, Ms. Pepetua Latasi.
Source: Joanna Latasi

The Climate Change Department of Tuvalu hosted a national stakeholder consultation with key sector experts to receive feedback on its draft NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan which comprises a project pipeline in March 2021.

GGGI, as an implementation partner of the Regional Pacific NDC Hub, led this consultation in country which brought key stakeholders in the transport (land, maritime and air transport) and energy efficiency sectors together and presented the draft mitigation actions and projects in the NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan.

This exercise enabled exchange of information on the priorities for Tuvalu from its national experts and encouraged a robust session to discuss solutions in the form of projects which will further enhance Tuvalu’s achievement of its NDC targets.

The pathway to achieving Tuvalu’s NDC targets will be presented in the NDC Implementation Roadmap and the NDC Investment Plan and aims to support Tuvalu to channel in secure and reliable financing from private, public, donor and multilateral funders.

National Stakeholders and sector experts at the consultation. Source: Joanna Latasi

Through the implementation of the pipeline of bankable projects in the NDC Investment Plan, which also reflects climate change mitigation and Sustainable development Goals (SDG) co-benefits, Tuvalu will be well placed to achieve its Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets.

With the global commitment to limit average temperature rise to 1.5 degrees and potentially further to 2 degrees, country NDCs are at the heart of achieving the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Tuvalu represents only a small proportion of worldwide greenhouse gas emissions. However, this has not stopped this Large Ocean State from being a champion in climate change mitigation and showing the world that ambitious targets are feasible.

As next steps, the comments and feedback received from this consultation will be incorporated into the current drafts of the NDC Implementation Roadmap and NDC Investment Plan.