Training Session of the GGGI’s Burkina Faso Steering Committee on Green Growth Concepts

Under the aegis of the Burkina-Faso’s Ministry of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change, the GGGI Burkina Faso Country Office organized a one-day training session, for the members of the Steering Committee. The main objective of this training session was to inform the members of the cooperative framework on keys Climate change green growth related concepts and give more details on keys related issues to the system of Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV).

The training session was opened by GGGI Country Representative, Dr. Malle Fofana and chaired by Dr. Savadogo, Technical advisor for the Minister of Environment, Green Economy and Climate Change. Four presentations were delivered to the participants: the first by the permanent secretary of the national council for sustainable development (SP/CNDD), Mr. Etienne Do Traoré, the UNFCCC National Focal Point. Mr. Traoré presented on the Climate change concepts with emphasis on the Burkina Faso context. He elaborated on the different existing conventions (Kyoto, Paris Agreement, etc.), and existing methodologies for greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The second presentation was delivered by Mr. Placide Some, from the National Institute for Statistic and Demography (INSD). He mainly talked about the Transparency concept, and how can we better reinforce climate actions at national level. In his presentation, M. Some mentioned some of the MRV concepts, from the measurements to the verification, GHG emissions. The third presenter, Mr. Pamoussa Ouedraogo, General Director of Green economy and climate change directorate was focused on the Burkina Faso’ Vision on Green Growth. M. Ouedraogo in his presentation discussed the “ecovillages” approach and the interventions in supporting some communities adopting green growth attitude, renewable energy approaches; the fourth presentation by Dr. Malle Fofana was mainly on the Green Growth concept. Dr. Malle Fofana presented the different GGGI ongoing projects in Burkina Faso and how the country (Burkina Faso) can better position itself, with regards to the transition toward green economy. He gave examples from different supported countries to showcase the important and necessity for transition toward green economy. Dr. Fofana, mentioned that “we must stay ready and align ourselves, there are opportunities and Burkina Faso must position itself.”

These presentations provided lot of inside and information to the members for their understanding of Green Growth and Climate change; participants have had a good understanding of the different concepts and ready to better contribute to the actual debate on Green Growth and Climate Change.

The training session was closed by the moderator/ chair of the meeting, Dr. Savadogo, who addressed his congratulations to GGGI and the different participants.


GGGI would like to address his gratitude to the Minister of Environment Green economy and Climate; for support and effectively chaired the 2021 cooperative framework session.