Touba Local Operators site visit to Plastic Recycling Units

As part of the plastic waste management component in the city of Touba, local operators recently trained on the development of a business plan for the creation of a plastic unit visited plastic recycling units in Senegal.

The purpose of the visit was to allow local actors in Touba to see the plastic recycling industry that the project advocates.

The visit started at PROPLAST industry, an innovative start-up that has positioned itself in the segment of collection and recovery of shredded plastic materials for export. The PROPLAST model was developed by a group of women active in the waste collection chain who have set up a waste processing unit in the city of Thiès with 1,500 active agents in the production chain, 50 collection points, and more than 4,000 items of waste collected since the company was created. The actors visited the process directed by Macoumba Diagne, a champion of the sector in Senegal.

This was followed by a visit to the factory of one of the historical leaders in the manufacturing of plastics, SIMPA, which has been reorienting its activities towards highly technical packaging systems. SIMPA has refocused its product mix through technical reinforcement (printed films, laminates, flexible packaging) with high added value, with a view to satisfy local demand by offering products that meet European standards.

SIMPA has been approved as a “packaging supplier” by local and regional subsidiaries of large multinationals, as well as by Senegalese and West African manufacturers. Its mission is to offer quality packaging solutions in Africa, in line with the economic realities of the continent.

The actors have understood the circular economy principle and its economic interest. The value chain opens up new prospects for green jobs, social inclusion, and the preservation of our environment.