Tonga launches the TERM Plus Framework setting 70% and 100% Renewable Goals

Nuku’alofa, Tonga; April 28, 2021– Tonga, with GGGI’s support, opened strong in 2021 with the launch of the Tonga Energy Road Map 2021-2035 (TERM-PLUS) Framework. The Framework is designed to be a living document that will provide the foundation for the TERM-PLUS poised to be completed later this year. This Framework also sets in motion GGGI’s future work with Tonga in building an Investment-Pipeline of projects to reach 70% renewable electricity by 2030 and 100% by 2035 with vast improvements in energy-efficiency, transportation, and resilience. Additionally, the TERM-PLUS will provide the basis for Tonga’s National Energy Policy for the next 15-years.


Presentation at the TERM-PLUS Framework Launch

For the remainder of 2021, GGGI continues the momentum by moving swiftly to support Tonga with a Pacific regional program that aims to support low emissions and climate resilient development.  The Low Emissions Climate Resilient Development (LECRD) program provides an opportunity to continue delivering projects and outputs in support of Tonga’s national development goals. LECRD is a partnership struck last year with the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (NZMFAT) which will provide support with project concept proposals in the areas of renewable electric generation, security of supply, energy efficiency measures for buildings and appliances, and reduced oil consumption in transportation. These project concept proposals will synergize with TERM-PLUS deliverables to provide a robust policy, project, and investment-path for Tonga to pursue on the way to 70% and 100% renewable electricity, energy-efficiency, and transportation improvements as well as climate-resiliency. Further, the development of the Long-Term Low-Emissions Development Strategy, already in-progress, will also be supported by the NZMFAT – LECRD program.

Presentation of the TERM-PLUS Framework

Tonga became the 29th GGGI member country in December 2018 and GGGI operations started 2019. From 2019-2020, GGGI work in Tonga has included programs to address critical development twin challenges of: increased electricity generation from renewable sources​ and increased resilience to climate change and natural disasters. GGGI strengthened the Tonga partnership with Program Officer hired in 2020 and expected to be in country next month. GGGI also continues to leverage its strong partnerships already developed in the region, like the Regional Pacific NDC hub, to deliver more support to Tonga in its climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies and synergize much of the innovation happening in the Pacific Island countries of Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Kiribati and others.


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Local GGGI communications contact
Mr. Ashreal Prasad