The signing of Uganda’s Country Planning Framework

26th October 2022 marks the signing of Uganda’s Country Planning Framework (CPF) which is the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)’s planning document that presents the strategic initiatives that GGGI aims to pursue in partnership with the Republic of Uganda. The CPF was signed by both GGGI Director General, Dr. Frank Rijsberman and Hon. Matia Kasaija Uganda’s Minister of Finance. Based on GGGI’s programmatic solutions, the following are the focus areas of the Uganda country strategy: green Investments, climate action, climate resilient agriculture, waste management, and crosscutting themes of gender, equality and social inclusion. This is the second CPF for GGGI in Uganda covering the period 2022-2027. Having successfully implemented the first CPF 2016-2021, GGGI reiterates its commitment to support the Republic of Uganda in its transition towards climate-resilient green growth and sustainable development. GGGI’s commitment is anchored in the Government of Uganda’s long-term Vision 2040 and aligned with the third National Development Plan (NDP III). This CPF, with a strong focus on green investments and climate action, will contribute towards a clean, green growth pathway for Uganda through offering direct support to the NDP III.

GGGI’s support during the next five years will be aimed towards supporting the Republic of Uganda to mobilize at least $260 million in green investments to critical sectors that will drive Uganda’s ambition towards upper middle-income status by 2040. These investments will contribute to GHG emissions reduction of up to 6,875,000 tCO2eq, create at least 105,000 green jobs and improve access to sustainable waste management and sanitation for up to 5 million people.

The Republic of Uganda, as a member of GGGI, reiterates its commitment towards this cooperation by committing to pursue Uganda’s long term sustainable growth objectives and climate action leading to increased prosperity and a more resilient future.

The signing of the Country Planning Framework by GGGI Director General Dr. Frank Rijsberman and Hon. Matia Kasaija Uganda’s Minister of Finance.

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