The Seventh Meeting of the GGGI Management and Program Sub-Committee (MPSC) held in Seoul

Chaired by Norway (represented by Ms. Vedis Vik, Senior Adviser, Department for Climate Change, Ministry of Climate and Environment), the Seventh Meeting of the Management and Program Sub-Committee (MPSC) was held at GGGI’s Seoul headquarters on April 24-25. The Seventh Meeting of the MPSC was attended by participants from Australia, Costa Rica, Norway, the Republic of Korea and Rwanda, as well as observers from Denmark, Fiji, Hungary, Jordan, Paraguay, Qatar and the United Kingdom.

The meeting kicked off with the Progress Report from the Director-General whereby the Institute highlighted the results achieved in the year 2017, gave an update on the progress made on developing green policies, and shared its success last year in mobilizing green finance. The Director-General’s Progress Report was followed by the review of Financial Statements, Work Program and Budget 2018, and Work Program and Budget 2019-2020: Planning Directions.

The Institute also delivered a presentation on the results achieved in the context of its Work Program and Budget in 2017, showcasing key results in strengthening green growth policies, mobilizing green investments, and sharing green growth knowledge. There were presentations on Reclassification of LDC Country Category: The Case for Vulnerable Countries, Draft Partnerships and Resource Mobilization Action Plan, Thought Leadership and Green Growth Knowledge Platform and Recent Evaluation Findings and Lessons.

The Institute presented an update on the work conducted to manage risks related to the organization’s reputation, operational program and portfolio, finance, legal, information technology and date, human resources and work environment. The last presentation was on reviewing accountability and safeguards systems and planned initiatives for continuous improvements. The Institute had recently adopted an Accountability Framework, which contains good governance policies encompassing both GGGI operations and programs.