The Second Annual Participatory Review Forum by NDA GCF

On March 10th, 2020, the 2nd Annual Participatory Review (APR) Forum was held by the Fiscal Policy Agency, as the National Designated Authority (NDA) of Green Climate Fund (GCF). As GCF Indonesia’s representation, the Fiscal Policy Agency strived for improving GCF’s funding process based on the gains and inputs from the first review forum, which was held last year, on January 2019.

This forum, which was attended by stakeholders from different key ministries and institutions, including women’s group, disability organizations, and indigenous community, has the purpose of socializing Indonesia’s progress in terms of accessing GCF’s funds, stimulating dialogs, gathering inputs, learning from Call for Project Concept Note (PCN), and facilitating a formal consultation process between stakeholders and NDA GCF to ensure an effective fund mobilization process for inclusive climate change projects.

Based on the 2019 APR Forum’s inputs, the Fiscal Policy Agency has done several improvements in GCF Indonesia’s funding process, such as increasing the national institutions’ interests in becoming the Accredited Entity and developing future projects in national and regional levels, as well as technical accompaniment and institutional capacity enhancement to access GCF funds.

Ever since the first APR, this participatory forum continues to receive valuable inputs, which include the need in enhancing the spread of information regarding GCF to vulnerable groups of people, such as women and children, people with disability, and indigenous community in order to improve capabilities; in addition, to align GCF projects with the national strategy of climate change which involves the local government.

In the future, NDA GCF has committed to continue improving the process of accessing GCF’s funds. Moreover, NDA GCF will also strive for this forum to be a platform to respond to climate change in Indonesia through development projects which are low in emission and resilient towards climate change.