The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea and GGGI renew commitment on Green Growth Cooperation

19 April 2023 – Seoul, Republic of Korea – The Minister of Foreign Affairs Park Jin visited GGGI today reinforcing Korea’s support for the green transition of the international community. During the visit, Minister Park and Dr. Frank Rijsberman, the Director General of GGGI signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Green Growth Cooperation with a 20% increase from previous annual commitments. “Through this MOU renewal, the increase in core funding for GGGI from USD 10 million dollars to 12 million means that Korea, as a global pivotal country, is addressing climate change and green energy transitions, which are the biggest issues of the international community,” Minister Park said. In addition, Minister Park emphasized President Yoon Seok-yeol statement that he would support the low-carbon energy transition of developing countries through the expansion of green ODA and make efforts to share innovative green technologies with all mankind and expressed Korea’s intention to continue supporting GGGI’s efforts.

In response, GGGI’s Director General Frank Rijsberman expressed appreciation for Korea’s active support for GGGI.  “GGGI will continue working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to actively promote policy advice, implementation support for low-carbon green growth in developing countries and expand green investments,” Dr. Rijsberman said.

During his visit minister Park also awarded a Certificate of Merit to Feelgeun Song Senior Specialist of GGGI who joined the organization in 2012. The Certificate of Merit is in recognition of the fulfillment of Mr. Song’s duties and outstanding contribution to the diplomatic activities of the Republic of Korea. “I am honored to receive this award. I consider this award as a recognition of all the staff at GGGI who work tirelessly to progress the green growth agenda in so many ways and places globally,” Mr. Song noted.