The Green Cities Technical Committee Workshop to share projects and program achievements held in Senegal

The meeting of the Technical Committee on Green Cities was held on Thursday, September 12th, 2019 at the Senegal GGGI Office. The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Serigne Mansour Tall from the General Directorate of Urban planning & Architecture.

The key relevant stakeholders of the Technical Committee attended the meeting. This workshop was also extended to the Kaolack, Kolda, Tivaouane & Touba cities and technical agencies which support GGGI’s demonstration projects on the solid waste management and urban sanitation. The Lux-Dev’s Regional Representative for Senegal and Mali, Mr. Igor WAJNSZTOK, took part in the session. The objectives of this workshop was to share the main results achieved and progress on the implementation of the planned activities of the projects and programs.

Mr Baba DRAME, Senior Officer & Coordinator of the Solid Waste Project funded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, made a presentation focusing on ongoing activities related to the launch of the WEEE component, including the organization of an exchange meeting on the regulatory framework for WEEE management. He also specified that the study on the e-Assessment of the plastic waste value chain in Touba was launched.

Mr Abdoulaye FAYE, Sanitation Officer and Coordination of the Inclusive Sanitation Project funded by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, reviewed the MoU signed with ONAS for the preparatory missions in the cities project of Kaoloack and Kolda and the preparation of the launch of the Kaolack Green City process.

Ale Badara SY, Green City Development Specialist at GGGI, gave an update on the progress made of the Green Secondary City Development objectives set in 2019, the capacity building activities, and the institutional support provided to governmental entities. He also presented the main lines of the Green Buildings Readiness Program, which includes a policy gap analysis on green buildings in Senegal. He informed that, as a part of this program, a survey will be address to green buildings stakeholders to understand the context of the sector, the legislation, the experiences and practices of each actor, and the barriers and opportunities to develop green buildings in Senegal.

Mr Amadou Lamine FALL, Green investment Officer, presented the Green Governance Programme, which essentially aims to implement financing mechanisms to facilitate project implementation through the establishment of the REEF and the Agricultural Bank’s accreditation process.

These presentations generated a lot of involvement from the actors who took part in this workshop regarding the implementation of projects in secondary cities but also about the need for GGGI to develop concrete investments in the field of green buildings.

In his closing remarks, Mr. KONATE did a general summary and thanked the attendants of the meeting for their participation.