The Global Green Growth Initiative (GGGI) Country Planning Framework for Papua New Guinea (PNG) is validated.

The GGGI Country Planning Framework (CPF) for PNG was presented to stakeholders during the validation workshop held at the Lamana Hotel on Wednesday 6th October 2021. The validation workshop was attended by many national agencies (Department of Transport, Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, Kokonas Indastri Koporesen, National Agriculture Research Institute, Tourism Promotion Authority, PNG Forest Authority and Centre for Excellence in Financial Inclusion). High level delegation from the New Zealand High Commission and Japan International Cooperation Agency also participated in the validation workshop.

The CPF is a high-level planning document agreed between the member country and GGGI, based on inputs from a wide range of stakeholders: government, civil society, private sector, NGOs and development partners. The CPF is a 5-year country-level foundational strategy that sets outs the forward planning and direction of travel for GGGI country program to guide the ‘what?’ and ‘how?’ of cooperation between GGGI and the member country in the medium term.

The CPF for PNG has been developed to ensure continuity of the ongoing PNG projects and programs of work, reaffirm PNG’s development objectives and goals, identify GGGI green growth interventions in support of these goals, and ensure alignment of GGGI work in PNG with the GGGI’s Strategy 2030 and PNG national goals and priorities including the PNG enhanced NDCs.

The CPF for PNG was formulated based on extensive consultation with key government CSOs, private sector and development partners in the country. An in-depth analysis of the current country context, the review of PNG’s key strategic documents and policies as well as lessons learnt from the implementation of existing GGGI programs also informed the CPF.

The CPF will be a joint ownership between GGGI and the PNG Government demonstrating commitment among both parties to collaborate on mutual climate and sustainable development goals.

During introductory remarks, Dr. Achala Abeysinghe, Country Representative of Global Green Growth Institute in PNG, stated that the consultative meetings we have had with you all during the past three months has confirmed and re-affirmed what GGGI’s comparative advantage is where GGGI can add value to achieve PNG’s sustainable development, importantly, meeting its National Determined Contributions (NDC) targets by 2030. Today, we present these findings, the number of green interventions (Programmatic Solutions) we have identified to help us not only meet our GGGI Strategy 2030, but importantly, to help GGGI PNG deliver in conjunction with you, PNG’s inclusive green growth priorities for the next five years.

After the validation process, GGGI will finalize the CPF document incorporating the valuable inputs received from various stakeholders. The CPF will go through GGGI internal approval process and is then expected to be officially launched in quarter 4 of 2021.



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