Technical workshop on project formulation for Tivaouane Green Secondary City

Senegal Green City Workshop

16 & 17 November 2017

Tivaouane is one of the three pilot cities identified by the Government of Senegal (GoS) to implement Guidelines & Roadmap for the development of green secondary cities. The different phases of a Green City Development Strategy requires an inclusive approach with the participation of all key actors of the city. This process will support the formulation of a shared vision for Tivaouane through  a technical workshop.

This technical workshop comes after the session of October on the formulation of sectoral visions and strategic orientations lead by the Local Committee of Concertation. This major and historic event of Tivaouane has provided a platform for exchange, debate, and discussion around projects ideas that will support the development of Tivaouane into a Green Secondary City.

The key objective of the workshop is to build consensus on priority issues, formulate a long-term vision of Tivaouane. The ceremony was chaired by M. Gora Mbaye, Deputy Mayor. In his welcome speech, he thanks GGGI for promoting a new kind of urban planning. Mr Ale Badara Sy, representing the GGGI Senegal Country Representative, recalled the context of GGGI’s intervention in Senegal, the objectives of the Green City Development strategy and the main stages of the process leading to the choice of Tivaouane.

The Workshop was a successful one and saw the mobilization of all the actors over the two days. At the end, the priorities projects were identified for all the pillars and consensual vision was adopted.

Key stakeholders took part in the event, including local administrative authorities, private sector, the local media, the large numbers of carriers, civil society, community leaders and local elected officials. All neighborhoods of the city were represented. All actors unanimously agreed on the strategic vision for greening their city.