Technical workshop on plastic waste value chain held in Dakar

As part of the implementation process of the Green Secondary Cities Wastewater, Plastic Waste and WEEE Management: “Innovative Business Model for Recycling and Valorization,” funded by the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, GGGI has planned to put in place a group of experts for each sector to assist in the implementation of the activities. For this purpose, an exchange workshop took place on May 14, 2019, at the office of the UCG (City Keur Gorgui) to present the activities that will be started and to outline the action plans for this sector.

This meeting had the specific objectives of: (i) presenting the plastic waste management component at Touba (objectives, activities, expected results, and the stakeholders’ implementation strategy; (ii) discussing the strategy for managing solid waste in general and plastic waste, mainly in Touba; (iii) consolidating the implementation of the assessment of the value chain of the plastic waster and; (iv) proposing the roadmap for the actions to be taken in Touba with the support of the UCG and the other involved local stakeholders.

The results/main takeaways of this workshops were to: (i) elaborate a strategic roadmap which will enable the implementation of the recycling of the plastic waste component; (ii) define an approach to accelerate the market study on the assessment of the plastic waste sector/industry value chain to meet the deadline of June 30, 2019; (iii) recommend the implementation of options for Touba based on the solutions given by GGGI in the project document namely the establishment of a 3 tons per day (TPD) plant, operating throughout the year with an expected treatment capacity of about 1095 tons per annum.

The participants also proposed to create a working group related to plastic waste as part of the Technical Committee on green cities with the objective of bringing technical assistance on issues related to the plastic waste component.