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News • June 6, 2023

Rwanda: lessons learnt from a pioneer in the fight against plastic pollution

June 6, 2023 – Global production of plastic has risen exponentially over the past decade, estimated at 400 million[1] tons of plastic produced every year. Unfortunately, only 9 % of the total plastic wastes quantities generated is recycled, 12 % incinerated and the rest ends up in landfills or thrown in the environment including oceans[2]. […]

News • July 27, 2022

How GGGI is Supporting the Government of Rwanda to Beat Plastic Pollution

Annually, an estimated 400 million tons of plastic waste is produced  with only 9% recycled worldwide. Recycling rates in emerging and developing economies are even lower, with municipalities lacking the capacity, equipment, and investment necessary to sort, separate, and recycle plastic waste. Rwanda has emerged as a leader in the effort to curb plastic pollution, introducing a plastic bag ban in  2019 prohibiting the manufacturing, […]