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News • March 24, 2022

Green Champions on Sustainable Use of Forests

March 21, 2022 is the World Forestry Day. The Green champions had chance to offer their views on the sustainable use of forests. The big question: Knowing that the construction sector is a big consumer of forestry resources, what are the green building options to safeguard our forests eco systems? Read more here: 2022-03-21 Pullout […]

News • February 3, 2022

Empowering Journalists with Specialized and Ethical Investigative Reporting Skills on Green Growth and Climate Change in Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda; February 2022; – Rwanda has made significant efforts to respond to the impacts of environmental and climate change issues. Efforts continue to be made to inculcate environmental awareness to ensure communities are mindful and knowledgeable about the environment and environmental problems. To make environmental laws, policies, strategies, and institutional capacities more effective towards […]